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Plate Tectonics

3 Types of Rocks

Continental Drift | 3 Types of Rocks | 3 Types of Plate Boundries

Igneous: These rocks are the result of crystalization of magma deep underground. The slow cooling at depth in the Earth produces larger crystals that can easily be seen.


Sedimentary: Back millions of years ago, little pieces of earth were either broken donw by wind and water until they were washed down streams. They then end up on the bottom of rivers, lakes and oceans. Layer after layer of eroded earth are is deposited on top of each other slowly pressed down more and more, until the bottom layers slowly turn into rock.


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Metamorphic: Any rock can become a metamorphic rock. For that to happen it needs to be put into an enviornment in which the minerals in the rock become unstable and out of equilibrium with the new environment. Common metamorphic rocks include slate, schist, gneiss, and marble.


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